Bachelor of Arts – BA (Honours)

12th Pass in any stream

3 Years (6 Semesters)

Bachelor of Arts – BA (Honours)

Redefining Humanistic Education


This course aids students to research and develop tools and techniques to better understand and evaluate human society and culture.

In Imperial’s BA Honours in Economics, Education and Political Science program you will learn to understand and evaluate human society and culture and gain strong liberal arts foundation. The theory is more than often combined with detailed exploration and development of tools and techniques in the field. You will learn through practical sessions of the theoretical concepts. Expert debates, mock classes and parliament sessions are included in the methodology to provide you with an unparalleled exposure in the field. Students’ analytical thinking is often encouraged by putting them in real life human situations and aspects of the society.

Graduate attributes of BA Graduates

Imperial College
  • Critical and analytical skills for complex changing social contexts
  • Understanding the concepts and principles outside disciplines of the humanities , social sciences and language
  • Effective communication
  • Work with independence, self-reflection and creativity
  • Integrity and self-awareness

Teaching Methodology/Pedagogy

  • Gurumantra sessions

    Imperialians fondly call their Guest lecture sessions and expert interactions “Guru Mantra” to attribute to a more interactive, topic specific way which would gain real life experience in understanding human society and culture.

  • Field Visits

    Students are given an opportunity to be a part of real life field events/scenario to put their theoretical concepts understanding to practice.

  • Study Tours

    Through professionally planned study tours students are subjected to critical thinking and expanding the worldview and reinforcement of classroom material keeping in mind the local culture as well.

  • Student Presentations

    Student presentations on theoretical concepts of the curriculum are integral parts of the Imperial College’s teaching methodology that help students evaluate their understandings of the subject matter and to improve their communication skills.

  • Internships

    Students of Imperial College are given internships at institutions relevant to the field to gain practical experience and training in a real working environment.

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