The Imperial College campus is designed to allow a comprehensive learning environment to all its students within and outside the conventional classrooms. The whole of the campus is a learning conducive zone to provide students a holistic development and growth. The campus has all the resources needed to organize and pursue a range of academic and recreational interests through clubs, committees, activities and entrepreneurial projects.

Spread across 10 acres, the Vidya Vihar campus is located away from the city just on the outskirts, for a quiet, pollution free learning environment. The construction of the campus had been done with state-of-the-art sustainable materials and designed to cater the student’s learning. The college has taken active steps to implement alternative resource methods like rain water harvesting, solar heating, organic farming, eco-friendly decorations in events and many more.

The campus is equipped with 30+ CCTV cameras to make the campus more secure for the students as well as the staff.

Academic building

The semi-circular academic building has been designed specifically for students ease of accessibility, disturbance free lectures and to provide an area that is conducive for high quality learning. The design facilitates ample natural air and light to make the environment comfortable for concentration and focus on the subject. The lush green courtyards and gardens provide for an open classroom setting as well as discussion zones for the students.


The classrooms at Imperial render a great environment needed for learning to the students. Most of the classrooms are equipped with TVs, LCD projectors and internet to provide students state of art learning. The design of the classrooms with windows to the back help students learn in a disturbance free zone.

Computer Lab

The Dharmapada Lab, built in an independent structure is an air-conditioned lab with windows networking. The power backup facility and original software makes computer lab downtime to less than 1% in a year. The entire network rests Windows 2008 R2 servers and enables smooth movement of data across departments.

Psychology Lab

The "Narendra Nath Sen Gupta Psychology Lab," aptly named after the pioneering figure in Indian Psychology, was inaugurated with great enthusiasm on August 31, 2023. The distinguished honour of inaugurating the lab was bestowed upon Prof. Mahadeo Jaiswal, the esteemed Founding Director of IIM Sambalpur.

The lab's primary objective revolves around enriching the teaching-learning process. It seeks to empower lecturers with a comprehensive arsenal of tools designed to measure the multifaceted dimensions of performance. By doing so, the lab aims to foster a more balanced and well-rounded development among the learners within the institute's fold. This mission aligns with the core ethos of the institution, emphasizing not only academic excellence but also the nurturing of emotional, social, and cognitive growth.


The Mahatma Gandhi Library is the central library of the campus and is well-stocked with a collection of over 3,800 volumes of books on different subjects. The latest publications in the fields of business, Computer application and technology, commerce, humanities and social sciences are continuously added to the collection to equip students with a wide range of academic knowledge. The library also facilitates in providing free course books to all the students. The library has a dedicated space for reading and group studies. The portico in the library is one of the favourite places of students to study under the sun while having a panoramic view of campus and Barapahad Hills.


The Chanakya Auditorium has been a witness to several high-profile seminars, talks, and cultural events over the years.  With a seating capacity of more 200 people, it is equipped with a large stage, comfortable seating and carpeting. It is also equipped with the latest in audio visual technology.

Open Air Theatre

The open-air theatre is situated at the back of the academic building and hosts cultural as well as academic events throughout the session. It also acts as a discussion point for students residing in the hostels. The semi-circular structure gives a beautiful environment for an array of student activities.

Open Air Gym

The campus has a fully functional open-air gym within the campus to help students have a healthy body and mind. The gym is made in an open green area to help students exercise within nature and get ample oxygen.

NCC Obstacles Range

The obstacle range has been created to make NCC training more effective and to enable NCC cadets to prepare themselves for a good opportunity to join the Indian Army.


Buddhavanam is a unique tranquil place consisting of a Buddha Sculpture and a path around it. The circular path has the five elements of nature for students to walk for the five senses awakening and also gives a tranquil space for meditation. It is designed to help students maintain a good mental health and connect with their inner senses.

Saraswati Vatika

Saraswati Vatika is an open classroom like area beside the open-air library for encouraging student’s learning in the nature. Students are encouraged to do various academic as well as holistic activities at the Vatika. The annual Saraswati Puja celebration is also performed at the Vatika. Students and teachers use this area as classroom in winters and have the benefit of a beautiful learning session among the flowers and trees.


The college has two separate hostels for boys and girls within the campus with few rooms having attached toilet facility. The hostel can accommodate 75 students in each hostel. The hostels are furnished with all the basic amenities provided by the college. The hostel’s spacious rooms are given on sharing basis so that students can learn adaptability, empathy and trust. Students’ friendships, academics and extracurricular activities extend into the residence halls, creating an active campus life and vibrant residential community.


At Imperial we believe that “what we eat is what we become”. The canteen is well equipped with modern kitchen equipment. With the support and understanding of our students the college canteen doesn’t sell junk food as well as non- vegetarian food. The meals at the canteen are prepared with high quality ingredients and organic vegetables some of which are grown inside the campus to provide students wholesome and healthy meals throughout the day. The canteen is designed to facilitate great ventilation and air flow for keeping the premises fresh and odour free.

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