BA (Hons) - Bachelor of Arts (Hons)


Bachelor of Arts (Hons)

BA stands for Bachelor of Arts and it's one of the most versatile undergraduate degrees available. Here's an overview of BA:

Duration : 3 Years, 6 Semesters

Eligibility : 12th pass in Arts/Science/Commerce

Honours : Education, Political Science

No of Seats : Education Hons – 64 Seats, Political Science Hons – 40 Seats

Admission Process : Interested students need to apply through SAMS and select Imperial Degree College in first option. SAMS portal is managed by Higher Education Department, Govt. of Odisha.

Curriculum: A BA program typically offers a broad range of subjects across various disciplines within the arts, humanities, social sciences, and sometimes sciences. These can include literature, history, philosophy, sociology, psychology, political science, anthropology, economics, languages, fine arts, and more. The curriculum is designed to provide students with a well-rounded education and opportunities for critical thinking, creativity, and cultural understanding.

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities: The career opportunities for BA graduates are diverse and depend on their chosen specialization, interests, and skills. BA graduates often pursue careers in fields such as education, journalism, publishing, public relations, advertising, government, non-profit organizations, social services, arts and culture, business, and more. Some BA graduates also choose to further specialize by pursuing graduate studies or professional degrees in fields like law, business, or social work.
Higher Studies: Many BA graduates choose to pursue further education, such as master's degrees or professional degrees, to enhance their career prospects or specialize in a particular field. Graduate studies in disciplines related to the BA program, such as history, psychology, sociology, or literature, can open up additional career opportunities in academia, research, or specialized fields.
Job Market: The job market for BA graduates can vary depending on factors such as the chosen specialization, geographic location, and prevailing economic conditions. While some industries may require specialized skills or additional training, BA graduates generally possess a strong foundation of knowledge and skills that are valued by employers across a wide range of sectors.

Teaching Methodology/Pedagogy

Industry Visits

Students are given an opportunity to visit relevant industries and understand the operations and culture of the organisation to put their theoretical concept’s understanding to practice.

Study Tours

Imperial College takes a very strong effort in organising study tours for the students. Through professionally planned study tours students are subjected to critical thinking and expanding the worldview and reinforcement of classroom material keeping in mind the local culture as well.

Role Plays

At Imperial, this unique teaching technique allows student to explore realistic situations by interacting with other people in a managed way by playing a role similar to their own or their likely one in the future or playing the role opposite part of the conversation.

Experiential Learning

The “learn by doing” and reflecting on the experience is a prevailing teaching method at Imperial college. The teaching method is designed to promote students to be ingenious and inventive.

Gurumantra sessions

Imperial College organises guest talks “Guru Mantra” to attribute to a more interactive, topic specific way which would gain real life experience in understanding the application of computer technologies.

Student Presentations

Student presentations on theoretical concepts of the curriculum are integral parts of the Imperial College’s teaching methodology that help students evaluate their understandings of the subject matter and to improve their communication skills.

Fee Structure

Course Fee for BA (Hons) is Rs.30,000 per year payable in two installment. Fee includes cost of 2 pairs of uniform. Students are provided all course books on returnable basis, no need to purchase them separately.

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