Purpose and Values


Imperial College aims to make education a pathway to excel in life through effective implementation of different thinking and innovation in education. We strive to build ethical, knowledgeable, and great human beings for our country.

Core Values


We understand adding value to people's lives, is nothing but being available to resolve their queries. We provide solutions.


We will lead by example in the field of education, which will inspire customers, stakeholders, competitors to excel. We believe and deliver implementable knowledge to create value in everyone's life.


We make ourselves trustworthy through our commitments and subsequent delivery to all people we deal with.


To create a pathway and challenging status quo, it is imperative to be genuine and value driven. We live these regularly.

About Imperial College

Imperial College
Imperial College
Imperial College
Imperial College

Imperial College has been a pioneer and leader in the professional courses for more than 15 years now. Set up in 2008 with permanent recognition from Higher Education Department, Government of Odisha and permanent affiliation from Sambalpur University, Odisha; with a vision to mentor students to achieve academic excellence and real-world implementation as well as to build ethical, knowledgeable citizens for our nation.

Situated on the photogenic purlieus of the city of Bargarh, Imperial College is as unique as the people of the district. Imperial College is surrounded by the beauty of nature with Barapahad Hills, Barabakhra waterfalls and Caves, Nalichuan waterfalls, Apkhol Waterfalls just a few kilometers away. Imperial College also has District Headquarter Hospital and Police Station in 2 Kms proximity. Indian Institute of Handloom Technology, Govt Polytechnic College, Bargarh Science Centre are some of the neighboring institutes of Imperial College.

Two nurturing hands enfolds within itself the 'infinite' possibilities (the circle - everything emerges from a dot) within each one of us (students, employees etc.). The institution breaks open the shell surrounding the 'circle' of possibilities, setting it free to contribute in this life and take whatever shape it chooses to take.

The nurturing hand based by a triangle shape that denotes 'knowledge' and 'academics' - this is taken from early Roman and Western architecture (widely used in temples - where knowledge emerged from or early Universities etc.).

Imperial College, an Institution that is close to the industry (the blue colour of the logo), to help its stakeholders (students, parents, employees etc.) be successful in work-life while emerging as 'value-based' human beings ready to unleash their own infinite potential.

College Anthem

भारत माता के हम हैं संतान
आगे बढ़ेंगे लेकर ये अरमान,
हर दिशा में फैलायेंगे ज्ञान
सदाचार से बढ़ायेंगे शान II

मानवता का धर्म निभाना है
मौका सुनहरा नहीं गवाना है,
सदैव रहेगी याद ये जिम्मेदारी
सदैव रहेगी जिंदा अपनी खुद्दारी II

अच्छाई से अपना कर्म करेंगे
बुराई के आगे नहीं झुकेंगे,
मकसद हमारा रहेगा एक ही
हर संघर्ष में नेकी जीतेगी II

जीवन भर विश्वास ये रखेंगे
हर कदम साथ मिलकर चलेंगे,
भारत माता की जय हो जय हो
इंपीरियल कॉलेज की जय हो II

सौजन्य: कवयित्री श्रीमती मेघना गुप्ता जोगानी

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About Bargarh

Bargarh is a municipality in Bargarh district in the state of Odisha in India. It is the administrative headquarters of Bargarh District. Popularly known for cultivation of paddy therefore called "Bhata Handi" of Odisha State.

Bargarh is located in Western Odisha, close to the border of neighboring state of Chhattisgarh. It is positioned at 21.33°N 83.62°E with an average elevation of 171 meter (561 feet). The Bargarh district lies in the Plain with Eastern Ghats running close to the town. As per the earthquake zoning of India, Bargarh falls in the zone 2 category, the least earthquake prone zone.

The headquarter of Bargarh district lies on the NH 6, Kolkata to Mumbai, hence well connected to the rest of the country with well-constructed road. The Railway Station (Code - BRGA) is served by DBK Railway running from Jharsuguda to Titilagarh. The station is just 2 km off the main town. A meter gauge railway line connects Bargarh with the lime stone quarry at Dunguri. The main Hirakud canal passes through the town and is known as the Bargarh canal. The nearest Airport is at Raipur (CG) (220 km), Bhubaneswar (OD) (350 km) and Jharsuguda (OD) (110 km).

Bargarh town is situated on the bank of river Jeera. The town is famous for 11 day long open-stage drama. Dhanuyatra based on the life and times of the Lord Krishna, finally culminating in the death of King Kansa, Bargarh today has sizeable population of a talented weaver community, some of whom are national awardees.

Imperial College
Imperial College

About Sambalpur University

Imperial College

The Sambalpur University Act was passed by the Odisha Legislature on 10th December, 1966 to fulfill long cherished dream of the people of Western Odisha for establishment of a University. The University started functioning from 1st January, 1967 with Prof.Parsuram Mishra as the first Vice-Chancellor. The University was inaugurated on 4th January, 1967 by Hon'ble Chancellor A.N.Khosla. The University started functioning in 1967 in a rented private building at Dhanupali, Sambalpur and in Government building at Ainthapali, Sambalpur from 1968 - 72. In the year 1973 the University was shifted to the present campus named Jyoti Vihar at Burla.

The territorial jurisdiction of the University covers 10 districts of the state of Odisha namely Sambalpur, Sundargarh, Jharsuguda, Deogarh, Bargarh, Bolangir, Subarnapur, Nawapara, Kalahandi, Boudh and Athamallik Sub-Division of Angul District.

The University at Jyoti Vihar provides Post-Graduate education in Twenty-seven subjects through Twenty Post-Graduate Departments.

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