Policy for Fee Refund

The Fee Refund Policy of Imperial College, Bargarh as under with effect from 1st April 2023.

  1. Admission Fee/Hostel Admission Fee – Rs.1,000/- Non-refundable
  2. Seat Booking Fee – Rs. 1,000
    1. In case a student has booked a seat but fails in the qualifying examination then seat booking fee is refunded in full else will not be refunded under any circumstances.
    2. For offline admission courses seat booking facility is allowed till declaration of result.
    3. For online admission courses seat booking facility is allowed till last date of SAMS first phase application. The SAMS application fee is also included in this fee.
  3. Course Fees
    Time period Cancellation Fees
    1 More than 10 days before commencement of classes Rs.3000
    2 10 days before of commencement of classes Rs.4500
    3 After Commencement of Classes First Installment + Rs. 2000 (mid-course CLC fees)
  4. Hostel Fees
    Time period Cancellation Fees
    1 Before hostel starts/not stayed in the hostel Nil
    2 Stayed in hostel 100% of Fees paid + Scholarships + Rs.2000 (mid- session hostel leaving fees)
  5. Bus Conveyance Fees
    Time period Cancellation Fees
    1 Before Start of Bus Conveyance Nil
    2 After Start of Bus Conveyance 100% of First Installment
  6. Fees other than above category are non-refundable under any circumstances.

General Rules

  1. Refund application for course fee and hostel fees is accepted before commencement of classes.
  2. If a student pays the fee one time, balance fee will be refunded after adjusting the cancellation charges.
  3. CLC will be issued only when the deductible amount has been adjusted from the fees. In case the student has not paid the fees, the deductible amount is receivable, the student need to pay the deductible amount.
  4. The refund amount will be paid online/cheque favoring the student or parent’s name. This process takes 3 working days.
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