Master of Computer Science – M.Sc CS

BCA/B.Sc (CS)/ B.Tech Comp Sc./B.Sc (PCM)

2 Years (4 Semesters)

Master of Computer Science – M.Sc CS


This course will facilitate students in becoming grounded and solution oriented computer science professionals with expertise and adaptability.

Imperial’s MSc CS curriculum bridges the gap between classroom teaching and the industry requirements by engaging students in practical developments and innovation. Guest lectures, case study presentations, business presentations, development of new innovative technologies and other programs are conducted to provide insights into the latest developments and trends in the industry. You will be offered a plethora of opportunities to acquire and improve key competencies in computer science with equal emphasis on human values and professional ethics.

Graduate attributes of MSc CS Graduates

Imperial College
  • Knowledge of computer languages
  • Applied knowledge of computing fundamentals and mathematics
  • Identify, analyse and formulate solutions for real life problems
  • Design and develop application and software
  • Modern tool usage
  • Communication efficacy
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship

Teaching Methodology/Pedagogy

  • Gurumantra sessions

    Imperialians fondly call their Guest lecture sessions and expert interactions “Guru Mantra” to attribute to a more interactive, topic specific way which would gain real life experience in understanding the application of computer sciences.

  • Experiential Learning

    The “learn by doing” and reflecting on the experience is a prevailing teaching method at Imperial college. The teaching method is designed to promote students to be ingenious and inventive.

  • Student Seminars

    Student presentations on theoretical concepts of the curriculum are integral parts of the Imperial College’s teaching methodology that help students evaluate their understandings of the subject matter and to improve their communication skills.

  • Industry Visits

    Students are given an opportunity to visit relevant industries and understand the operations and culture of the organisation to put their theoretical concept’s understanding to practice.

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