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Introduction of MBA


Introduction of MBA in Marketing


Skills Required




Eligibility Criteria


Scope of MBA in Marketing in India


Job opportunities & Salary


Top Companies Hiring MBA in Marketing




Introduction of MBA


According to the dictionary, an MBA is a general post graduate degree in business administration that teaches students technical, managerial, leadership and other valuable skills.  MBA in Marketing is one of the oldest disciplines of management study. Students applying to MBA programs must have a bachelor's degree in any specialization, not necessarily in a business field. A lot of MBA students have earned their bachelor's degree in an entirely different field. MBA is one of the most preferable and in demand degrees among students all across the world. The MBA program is popular stepping stone to C-suite jobs at large corporations worldwide. It is regarded as a vital step towards a successful management career and also an asset for budding entrepreneurs. Nowadays, It's a credential that present in the resumes of many management executives.


MBA main courses include business topics, such as accounting, finance operations management, management information systems, human resources. Additional courses often introduce students to subjects like macroeconomics, organizational management, computer information systems and marketing management.



Introduction of MBA in Marketing


The Marketing MBA is a concentration in the MBA which has recently become one of the most required post graduate degree by both the student and the employer. In simple words, MBA in marketing is a program opted for attaining business knowledge by completely grasping the marketing side of it. Marketing students thoroughly examine consumer behaviour and come up with products that people most likely want to buy.


So basically, it teaches us how to create, communicate and deliver a value to gratify the target market at profit. By opting digital/online marketing, many companies now have their own interior marketing groups concentrating on trafficking and bringing clients to the company.


Lectures in marketing mainly comprise with topics such as advertising, market research, branding and marketing globally etc. MBA marketing focuses on theory (curriculum & case studies). It's lectures are delivered either by  permanent faculty or visiting faculty.



What Is Involved in an MBA in Marketing?


The MBA in marketing sets you for more than one career fields in marketing. Some of the career options will cover areas such as consulting, entrepreneurial careers, and general management. You learn different skills such as mathematics, analytical communications, and of course, management.


Marketing mba program begins from marketing definition (4Ps means -product, price, place & promotion), market research, consumer behaviour, new product development, service marketing (process, people and physical evidence), product management, sales promotions, B2B marketing, advertising and CRM etc.

A marketing student knows very well that they can go to many different companies and still not do the same work.


An MBA with a specialization in Marketing can provide a serious edge to your career. This degree will give you with a solid understanding of business fundamentals, along with certain skills of marketing. After doing MBA in Marketing, you would be qualified to top-level positions. You will be able to have real achievements, such as conveying messages through a brand-new channel or re-branding a service.



Skills Required For MBA in Marketing


If you're planning to go in marketing industry, then you must be persuasive, passionate, savvy, demonstrative and strategic. They should be sagacious enough to use analytical thinking to get to the bottom of consumer behaviour. And they must have creative mindset to innovate strategies that will guide that behaviour.


They say that you don't need any specific skill. But that's not true.

There are particular set of skills needed before enrolling for an MBA in marketing. For instance, you should be good with calculations and numbers, should have a ample knowledge about stock markets, accounting, should be interested in reading the Economic times or any other economy related  newspapers or magazines.


Basic knowledge of accounting and financial management principles,  potential to crack numbers and draw conclusions are some of the major skills required for MBA in Marketing.

Apart from that, some more are listed below:


1. Interpersonal skills


2. Strategic thinking


3. Entrepreneurial skills


4. Communication skills


5. Leadership skills


6. Quantitative skills


7. Creative skills



Syllabus of MBA in Marketing


MBA Marketing syllabus mainly includes subjects like market research, advertising, branding, advertising globally, and on the web, among numerous different themes. Here's the list of common courses within MBA in Marketing specialisation programme:


1. Marketing management


2. Operations management


3. Consumer and brand insight strategy


4. Digital marketing and social media management


5. Forecasting, modeling, and marketing strategy


6. New product strategy, branding and marketing


7. International and multi-national marketing


8. Salesforce management


You will also learn- Strategic Planning, Market Research, Marketing Campaigns, Consumer Behavior, Cost Volume and Profit, Analysis of Demand etc.



Eligibility for MBA in Marketing


The eligibility for MBA Marketing is same as the general MBA course. To qualify for the course, you need to secure a minimum score of 50% in a bachelor’s degree or equivalent CGPA in any specialization. MBA Marketing Admission is based on the entrance exams score followed by further rounds of GD and PI. Some popular MBA entrance exams are CAT, XAT, GMAT, MAT, and many more.



Scope of MBA in Marketing


The scope of MBA in Marketing is blooming in current global economic market and is wide in India. Marketing itself is a vast field. After the completion of this course, students can be placed as sales executive or manager in reputed Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies like HUL or Marico. And other industries including retail, tourism, FMCG, banking, hospitality, media & advertising and market research. One can also work in IT industry industries.


Job opportunities are also available in sectors like Retail, Tourism, Banking, Hospitality, Media, Advertising, Consultancy, Market Research, etc.


With MBA degree in Marketing, applicants can also work as lecturer in renowned institution.There are top rated B-schools in India which provide pretty good salary to faculties. If you are in to higher studies, then you can go for Ph.D programme in the associated field.



Job Opportunities & Salary



Candidates who have done the MBA in marketing, have a lot of job opportunities in government and the private sector.


You can either become a part of direct marketing or digital marketing. There is whopping growth specially in the career of digital marketing. In the growing era of digital marketing, the idea of marketing is not bounded to the door to door sales. It has a huge variety of technologies.


With the digital media accelerating, MBA in marketing especially in the digital realm has become prevalent. The trend of marketing has transformed and enhanced with technological evolution. Digital Marketing is the perfect example of this .


You can do the marketing in many ways; through the web designing, social media, pay-per-click, search media optimization, search engine optimization and articles.


After doing MBA in Marketing, candidates can earn the 40000 to 65000 per month in India. The salary structure is based on the position and reputation of the employer in the organisation.


Career path you can choose after the course:


1) Marketing Managers


2) Sales Manager


3) Advertising Professionals


4) Marketing analyst


5) Product Manager


6) Relationship Manager


7) Brand manager


8) Asset Management


9) Corporate sales


10) Market Research Analyst


11) Media Planner


12) Head of Digital Marketing


Why MBA in Marketing, Scope, Skills, Eligibility, Job Opportunity & Salary


Top Companies Hiring MBA in Marketing


Here is the list of Top MBA-recruiting companies:-


Amazon, Apple, Bain & Company, BCG, Citigroup, Deloitte, Facebook, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, McKinsey, Microsoft,Morgan Stanley, Walt Disney, Many Others such Johnsons & Johnsons, Nike, E&Y, Tesla, LinkedIn, Procter & Gamble, Accenture, Deutsche Bank, Pepsico, and many more.

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