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Top 10 reasons you need to know why corporates prefer industry led PGDM over degree-based MBA.

For Management candidates, after being sure of doing a Management Masters, choosing between MBA & PGDM is the one issue that confuses them. Which is the better option? Which one to choose going ahead for a solid career? The list of doubts is never ending. The boundaries look unclear for a while and there seems to be barely any difference besides the name of the two.

Attitudes have become different, though, and so have circumstances. It has come down to the abilities set by the candidate these days, rather than only the degree. Moreover, more than 300 independent organisations provide the PGDM degree, which is sanctioned by AICTE.

Here's 10 more arguments why you might prefer PGDM over MBA:

Specialized Courses

PGDM has the most specialized courses on the syllabus which are look promising on your CV. These courses save the pupils from all the confusion of difficult subjects that in the actual world are not so important.

Detailed resume

The curriculum of PGDM is developed by major MNCs that prepare students and set up college laboratories. Students not only focus on real-life issues but also receive industry-valued certificates from technology titans like IBM and SAP.

Tools for Specialisation

Business analysis, project development, and international accounting are only a few to list of the other market-booming areas of study. Such courses can be taken by both fresh students as well as by the employed professionals.

Industry centric Syllabus

PGDM colleges bring in experts from the field with their safe partnerships, who create the syllabus as per the needs of the industry. It fills the gap between business and academics and helps students overcome the emerging problems in the modern market.

Multidimensional growth

Students are not only built on technical knowledge but also get to practice on their soft skills via exposure to the foreign and domestic industries.

Good Placement

Today, companies are more bothered about the students' abilities rather than with the University or MBA tag. PGDM classes do exactly that with their exclusive new courses. After PGDM, you can operate as a mastered, qualified and beneficial manager in a variety of jobs across the different levels of the industry.

Higher Starting Salaries

You'll be unstoppable, with high-quality skills, from getting the pay- package you've always thought of having. Besides that, PGDM courses are also pushing you towards better career development.

Advantage of an Autonomous College

The university is being granted the autonomy to produce graduates to meet the demands of the modern industry. Autonomous colleges have an environment and procedures which are student-friendly. A significant part of this is better quality assessments and healthy student-faculty relationships.

Unique Faculties

PGDM coursework has advanced courses that require expert academic staff to deliver. Thus, the members of the PGDM faculty have multidisciplinary expertise in both sectors of the economy-academia and industry. The powerful combination of the students' experience of being taught and mentoring ensures that every learner is motivated from within to assume and act as a leader.

Exposure to business at the university level

Universities of PGDM collaborate with many organizations in providing initiatives for their students' growth. Throughout their semester the students attend internships in various industries to study successful business techniques and mould their future in management. They are also well educated in the organizational know-how before they place their first steps in the corporate sector.

On A Conclusive Note:

9 out of 10 Top Business Schools offer PGDM, not MBA, if you look at university statistics. PGDM curriculum incorporates the best skills on the market into customized courses. PGDM can also be your best option if you want to make yourself stand out among the crowd. A PGDM degree is among the top Masters's degrees. A college like Imperial College, which is among the top 10 colleges in Orissa in general, and top 10 amongst the business colleges is in great demand. Its interesting curriculum and great faculty give it its position in the State. What’s even better is that it is among the few colleges which ask for a low fee for the course. While Imperial is known for its great MBA program as well, it would recommend students to go for the more specialized PGDM course. Very few colleges in Orissa are like Imperial college, which offers a PGDM course. Having a PGDM degree is the most profitable among all Business Degrees. Having a look at the PGDM course details will clear up any doubts you may have on the subject.

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